Automated Invoicing and Payments

Expand Accounts Payable Automation to Improve Financial Health

Get visibility to forecast cash flow, reduce costs and drive revenue.
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EIPP Overview Provider

Get 100% of invoices digitally through GHX eInvoicing

Digitization delivers transaction data to your ERP, enabling more accurate daily cash forecasting and strategic payment decisions. Your AP team can spend more time on strategic initiatives, and automated exception handling through PO-to-invoice matching helps to reduce errors and speed approval time.

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Simplified Payment Process 2

Speedier payments with value for you and your suppliers

Improve your payment strategy, supplier relationships and your financial health. GHX ePay is the only healthcare-specific payment solution, so you can achieve more prompt payment and potential rebate with a solution that works for your suppliers too. Use only ePay or as a complement to your current payment strategy.

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