Automated Invoicing and Payments

Accelerate payments and improve customer experience with AR automation

Simplify your accounts receivables processes with unified automated solutions and get paid more quickly. 
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Achieve 100 Percent Invoicing

Achieve 100% e-invoicing across all customers

With GHX eInvoicing you can transact all invoices (PO and non-PO) electronically, regardless of your customers’ digital capabilities. Less paper processing and greater visibility to disruptions upstream can help expedite provider payments and reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO). 

GHX eInvoicing helps you to meet your customers where they are on the digital transformation journey. Delivering invoices in a “work from anywhere” environment and increased digital transactions lead to more valuable, accurate and timely data to support critical analyses your customers need now, including daily cash forecasting.

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Epay Unified Platform

Smart e-payment with optimal value and efficiency through a unified platform

With GHX ePay, you can optimize the value of automated payments by offering your customers multiple payment strategies through a single electronic portal. Consolidated payment delivery can improve efficiency for you and your customer. You collaborate with your customers to establish an optimal payment methodology for your relationship; the system handles the rest.

With its collaborative design, GHX ePay streamlines processes and helps build greater trust in transactions for suppliers and providers. Established payment rules are automated within the ePay solution. This reduces guesswork and helps ensure that the proper processes are followed, aligning with decisions made during the contracting process.

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