Global Healthcare Exchange Announces Acquisition of Hap-X

GHX adds payment management to its supply chain financial products portfolio for a complete Demand-to-Pay solution for both healthcare providers and suppliers
Louisville, CO — Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), a leader in cloud-based healthcare supply chain management solutions, today announced that it has acquired Omaha, Neb.-based H-Card, LLC (Hap-X), a leader in automated payment management solutions. The acquisition, GHX’s second in 19 months, expands the company’s financial products portfolio to deliver even greater payment choice and value. Hap-X will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Both companies are committed to solutions for providers and suppliers in healthcare. The combined product offering gives GHX the ability to extend its healthcare solutions into a complete demand-to-pay portfolio of software and services. The Hap-X payment exchange will be an important component to the GHX portfolio by enabling providers and suppliers to select the best value payment type per trading partner through a multi-mode payment platform that delivers mutual benefit to each party. That benefit includes aligning payment, remittance and reconciliation information together to create operational efficiencies for both providers and suppliers.

“Hap-X is a great addition to the GHX family. This is an acquisition our customers have been asking us to complete in order to help them solve the payment management challenges that are adding costs to healthcare,” said Bruce Johnson, CEO and president of GHX. “With this acquisition, we are creating a payment exchange available in healthcare's largest business process network and offering payment method choice so that the trading partners can decide what is most effective for their relationship. Outside of GHX there is no solution that encompasses multiple payment methods, remittance, and a network model. This is great for our customers.”

“We are very excited about being part of GHX and seeing the larger and more strategic role that payment management will play in driving down costs in healthcare,” added Mike Carmody, president and CEO at Hap-X. “The acquisition by GHX allows Hap-X customers, both providers and suppliers, to do business with a partner who can help solve even more of their supply chain and payment management problems, while improving their total cost and operational performance. Today’s announcement is really a win for healthcare.”

With more than 4,000 hospitals and 18,000 provider facilities in the GHX community, the acquisition creates more value to healthcare providers and suppliers and reinforces GHX’s commitment to remove cost from healthcare. The Hap-X payment management capabilities will complement and enhance GHX’s demand-to-pay and order-to-cash solutions. For more information on Hap-X, visit

About GHX

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