Mohawk Shared Services Selects GHX to Help Make Vision of Fully Automated Procurement a Reality

Through Contract Automation and Improved Data Initiatives, MSSI and Member Hospitals on Way to Realizing Major Efficiencies and Cost Savings
Toronto, CANADA and Louisville, CO — Monday, February 1, 2016

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) today announced that Ontario-based Mohawk Shared Services Inc. (MSSI) has selected CCXpert and NuVia® to help it realize full procurement automation for all its member hospitals and sites. MSSI is working with GHX to further drive efficiencies within its procure-to-pay lifecycle through visibility, automation and standardization. 

As a shared services organization (SSO), MSSI works with hospitals to enable procurement efficiencies and to realize cost savings at a time when every dollar counts. Yet with 17 member hospitals and 30 sites across the province of Ontario, each of which has its own IT system and procurement processes, the lack of standardization, automation and timely data analytics were hindering all parties from optimizing cost savings. MSSI turned to GHX and its CCXpert and NuVia solutions to create a single integrated contract solution that will cleanse the data and bring immediate procurement efficiencies and savings to the hospitals across their contracts.

"Everything MSSI does is focused on enabling member hospitals to provide the very best patient care,” said Shelley Moneta, general manager, Supply Chain, MSSI. “By helping our hospitals buy off the right contracts, identify new savings opportunities and validate the savings they achieve, they can help ensure they’re spending on the right things at the right times. Throughout Canada, GHX has become a trusted partner for healthcare organizations looking to automate their supply chain and procurement processes. We look forward to working together to realize tremendous savings for our hospitals." 

With its previous manual contract management system, MSSI and their member hospital’s spent countless time and resources uploading paper contracts. With GHX CCXpert, MSSI benefits from highly automated contract management. The solution helps ensure that MSSI and its member hospitals maintain pricing accuracy and can access timely purchasing reports and updates in real time. To take full advantage of this real-time data, MSSI also implemented GHX NuVia to gain detailed, granular visibility into its data. Despite MSSI’s members having data in different, often complex systems, the NuVia content management solution helps enable MSSI to access and share continuously cleaned, updated and standardized data feeds. 

With GHX, MSSI helps its member hospitals buy the right products at the right price, reduce or eliminate contract discrepancies and manual reconciliations, and find new opportunities for cost savings. With up-to-date, clean product data, MSSI can validate those savings and access unprecedented insights to help align clients’ financial and clinical goals.

"Canada, like many other countries across the world, expects its healthcare system to demonstrate real value by providing optimal patient care, while also reducing unnecessary costs," said Scott Kelley, vice president, North American Sales and Marketing, GHX. "MSSI is demonstrating, for other SSOs looking to support their member hospitals through this evolution, just how to get it done. Working with GHX, MSSI will be able to identify new savings opportunities, validate savings and, ultimately, buy smarter. This is a progressive initiative that will, undoubtedly, be viewed as a model for how SSOs can bring additional value to healthcare.”"

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