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Your buyers are changing. Ready or not?

Healthcare providers are experiencing a technology transformation right now. Can your catalog data support new buyer expectations and the growing demand for analytics?
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Catalog Data Enrichment Customers

What does this change mean for your customers?

Providers are moving from on-prem systems to cloud ERP systems, driven by the need for data to support value-based care. The sheer volume of data your customers are maintaining has grown on average from around 40K items to over 200K or more in some cases. And, to support value analysis, this data needs to be accessible and relevant for both clinical use and financial analysis. 

Cloud ERP systems are designed to feel like a consumer-facing solution. The goal is to fuel it with “like” data. This is happening at a critical time when your buyers are changing. There are more clinicians who are not necessarily familiar with supply item data filling this role. Their search experience and confidence in the process are significantly enhanced with enriched catalog data, relevant clinical attributes and actual product images. 

Building Trust Customers

What's the upside for you?

When you provide expanded item attributes, the accuracy of your customer’s item master and EHR improves, and the amount of manual re-work you need to do drops. Errors are reduced and your perfect order rate goes up. In turn, your cost to serve decreases. And, there is an opportunity to increase revenue by getting newer products in front of your customers sooner and building trust through a consumer-like experience and enriched product information.

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The time to act is now

There are market participants already positioned to do well with the shift in buying behavior, but manufacturers that don’t take action now to understand how they can provide the enriched catalog data and images their customers need risk being left behind. Acting early stands to separate you from the pack initially—and history has shown that can be a game changer for the long haul.

For most healthcare suppliers, understanding the full spectrum of data owners within its organization is the first hurdle to clear. We’re already working with suppliers to define a path to deliver enriched catalog data and images. A Data Readiness Assessment is your first step.

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