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Save Your Top AP Talent from Back-office Burnout

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

When we think about staff burnout in healthcare, frontline clinicians are the first people who come to mind. But the pandemic has also put extreme pressure on back-office teams, particularly supply chain in the scramble to procure and pay for critical items from both primary and secondary suppliers.

If your accounts payable (AP) team can’t pay suppliers without having to come into the office, download PDF invoices sent via email, or worse yet, shuffle paper invoices sent in the postal mail, then they are fighting fires and spending time on repetitive, mundane tasks instead of focusing on more strategic tasks.

You are failing to deliver on the promise of digital transformation that so many other employers are offering their teams today: The ability to do their jobs anywhere and anytime in a streamlined way that eliminates time-consuming and frustrating manual tasks.

A digital transformation is an opportunity to shift the focus to more value-add work, create a more rewarding work-life and enable a happier, healthier workforce. Fifty-six percent of remote employees report improved mental health.1

Make invoice management easier and faster for your team, whether in the office or working remotely, through AP optimization — a fully digital, automated and streamlined workflow in the cloud where they can receive and process all supplier invoices electronically in one place.

At the same time, save money for your healthcare organization: On average, automation reduces invoice processing costs by nearly one-third.2

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