GHX Exchange Enterprise

Building a more resilient supply chain

GHX Exchange Enterprise helps automate and enhance the entire procure-to-pay process.
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Helping you better manage the entire order cycle

GHX Exchange Enterprise modernizes the healthcare supply chain through increased standardization and automation. Traditionally, providers have managed the order cycle and their growing teams manually, which can increase error rates and impact performance. GHX Exchange Enterprise digitizes the entire cycle for more efficient processes, more connected supply chain data and better performance insights.  

Optimize Automation Reliability Transparency

More automation. More reliability. More transparency.

GHX provides healthcare organizations with a more complete picture of their supply chain—and how it’s delivering on business goals and objectives. GHX Exchange Enterprise automates transactions to help reduce data entry errors and administrative costs. This in turn helps generate more accurate data for supply chain improvements and decision making. From order to invoice, GHX Exchange Enterprise helps you better manage processes, increases data accuracy and quality, and improves overall performance.  

Cloud ERP Transition (1)

Improving supply chain modernization in the cloud

Many of today’s healthcare initiatives require modernized cloud-based supply chain processes. Migrating to a cloud ERP is a great first step—and GHX Exchange Enterprise is purpose-built for integrating with these systems. If you’re looking to increase automation, drive efficiencies, build a solid data foundation, and improve supply chain and system resilience, GHX Exchange Enterprise for cloud can help you achieve long-term success.


From standardization to transparency—the GHX advantage

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Increase automation for faster order cycles

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Standardize and digitize manual, repetitive, non-standardized tasks

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Reduce data-entry errors and administrative costs

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Gain a more complete picture of your organization and supply chain performance

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Make confident decisions with data that is continuously updated for relevancy and accuracy